The Sale of Marconi Medical Systems has left a void in the market of the Diagnostic Imaging from the point of view of the technology and of the solutions turned to satisfy the requirements of the customers.


PRISMA was born from the idea of leaders of the experience Marconi, that desire to continue the relationship with the market, producing and commercializing the proper ones and other people's products in Europe. In Italy Prisma Imaging Western Europe (PIWE) was born on September 25th 2001.


PIWE proposes itself to be distributing more products for the Diagnostic Imaging in the national field and to become leader in the sector of the Health Care, developing and producing applications and services.


PIWE uses of an organization distributed on the national territory with 2 offices: one in Robbiate (LC) and the other one in Naples, a group of collaborators named for sales support, distributors, agents and advisors, leader in the sector of competence.


  • Our primary finality is a constructive dialogue with all the components of the Healthcare System, directed to an effectiveness collaboration for new solutions in this historical moment full of change and ferment; sharing the risks of this time an speaking the same language of our customers.
  • These concepts are not utopian or abstract, but it is our daily truth.
  • In these months of activity we sold the first TAC and Magnetic Resonance, distributed and installed for different clinical applications, the only portable Ultrasound planned as an application of Microsoft on the Personal Computer or Lap Top of the Physician.
  • Besides, concerning the Diagnostic Imaging Research, we are working on a Telemedicine & Teleradiology System for PET, a project funded by the Italian Minister of Research Ministerial.